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Hoodia Gordonii Review

Obesity and overeating has been a problem number one for a modern society. Therefore, various dietary supplements have flooded the market abundantly in attempt to fix the problem. You have probably come across hoodia reviews and want to learn more about this mysterious plant.

So, hoodia gordonii is a similar to a cactus succulent water-retaining plant with medicinal qualities growing in the arid climate of South Africa. The plant is quite unremarkable with spines substituting for leaves and flowers attracting flies with their smell of rotten meat. However, the plant’s price per kilogram grew from $13 to $250 within just a few years. So what properties make the plant so popular? Local populations of South Africa have been using hoodia gordonii for treating impaired digestion but the most valuable quality of the plant is in its ability to suppress the sense of hunger during long trips across the desert.

British pharmaceutical company Phytopharm spent $20 mln on hoodia reviews. The plant qualities were tested on animals and scientists noticed the tendency in lab animals to lose weight after injections of hoodia gordonii extract. Today the plant is widely famous for its appetite suppressing qualities and actively used by dietary supplement companies in products for weight loss. However, there isn’t enough information about hoodia gordonii side effects and studies of the plant extract effect in humans. There is an assumption that hoodia gordonii may have undesirable effect on liver function and interact unfavorably with other medications.

The ingredient named as P57 (a steroidal glycoside) is extracted from hoodia gordonii and used in the production of diet pills. P57 regulates daily food consumption similar to central nervous system showing very high results in reducing daily food intake up to 60%.

The active ingredient P57 from hoodia gordonii is produced in the form of tea, liquid, capsules and powders which can be bought in health stores or in the Internet.

Hoodia gordonii supplements are widely advertised as natural remedies with mild action and no side effects. To confirm the positive effect of these dietary supplements it’s emphasized that the South African tribe of San Bushmen have been using hoodia gordonii for ages. However, we shouldn’t forget that San Bushmen aren’t taking a whole range of medications we may be taking. Therefore, people suffering from sugar diabetes, liver disorders, pregnant women and children should abstain from taking hoodia gordonii supplements.

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